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IBEW: An Industry Leader

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents more than 220,000 utility workers in local unions across North America. By securing contracts (or collective bargaining agreements) for our members, we help ensure good wages and fairness on the job for professionals engaged in every aspect of the industry: electricity generation, transmission, and distribution; natural gas and propane production, storage, transmission, and distribution; and water and waste water treatment.


The IBEW stands for quality workmanship and dedication. The professionals of the IBEW take pride in their work and are committed to setting new standards of excellence. Our more than 725,000 skilled members work in nearly every part of the economy: utility, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroad, and government. Formed in 1891 we have earned our reputation as one of the oldest, largest and most professional labor organizations in the world.

Our foundation is solid. The IBEW has worked to build an empowered workforce and partnered with employers to face the challenges of an evolving economy and developing technologies. Our priority is safety. Safety is a founding pillar of the IBEW. We vigorously advocate for effective and safe work standards and work closely with businesses, regulatory agencies, and labor organizations to reduce accidents both on and off the job.

IBEW members can be confident that as their industry continues to evolve, the Brotherhood will be there to help them face the challenges of the future.

Our trained, experienced staff of field representatives are skilled negotiators who know the utility industry. We devote full-time effort to aiding local unions and members with contracts and grievances.

We represent the majority of employees at:

  • 83% Organized utilities in the United States and Canada.
  • 70% Organized investor-owned utilities
  • 96% Organized rural electric cooperative utilities
  • 76% Organized municipal utilities
  • 100% Organized federal government utilities

Why Union?

When workers come together as a group they give themselves a voice in the workplace - just like the boss has - through a guaranteed contract. Without a union, your rights on the job can be overlooked. Just some of the benefits of having a collective bargaining agreement are:

  • Higher wages: fair rates of pay, periodic pay increases, and shift and grade differentials
  • Better working conditions: job security, safety and health protections, seniority, and fair treatment
  • Reasonable hours: defined work schedules and paid holidays and vacation
  • Solid benefits: health insurance, sick leave, and pension
  • A voice at work: formal steps to settle contract disputes through a set grievance procedure

Why Now?

IBEW members are an essential part of the growth of our modern industrial economy. We are on the cutting edge of advances in the clean coal technologies, natural gas, wind, solar, nuclear, and other developing sectors.

We have helped workers negotiate:

  • State-of-the-art training, giving members an edge in a globally competitive workplace
  • Better pension and severance packages, in some cases allowing older employees to retire early if they wish
  • Fewer layoffs, increasing our members' job security

Democracy cannot exist on the job without workers' empowerment through a strong and skilled union. Let us help you get the wages and benefits you deserve and advocate for your rights at work.

Commitment to Safety

Our priority is safety: Safety is a founding pillar of the IBEW. As a labor organization, we vigorously advocate for effective and safe work standards and work closely with businesses, regulatory agencies, and labor organizations to reduce accidents both on and off the job.

Craftsmanship and professionalism are the foundations of the IBEW. Our IBEW members are dedicated to being the best and offering our employers top-notch workmanship. Under the Code of Excellence, our local unions agree to:

  • Ensure our members uphold their responsibilities under the collective bargaining agreement
  • Set an excellence standard for work being performed
  • Correct issues before they become problems

Our IBEW members, we are trained in the principles of the Code of Excellence and take responsibility for our actions as individuals, as team members, and as union members. We require a commitment from our employers to:

  • Provide a safe workplace
  • Provide an adequate supply of equipment, material, and tools
  • Provide adequate job and safety training

Authorization Card

I authorize the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to represent me as my bargaining representative in collective bargaining with my employer. Click here for more information.

Contact Us!

Union workers have guaranteed seniority rights, structured lay off procedures, recall procedures and grievance procedures to ensure that everyone is treated with fairness. When changes occur within the company those covered under an IBEW contract are able to plan for their futures. YOU have the power!

  • Contact the IBEW and see if what management has been saying is true.
  • Join with your co-workers who have already banded together for the benefit of all.
  • Don't sit back and wait for someone else to take action. Get involved - you won't be alone.